Wash Clothes During An Emergency

Who hasn’t found themselves with a clothes washing emergency? I know I have!

What I love about this idea is that for someone in our particular living situation who doesn’t have a built-in washing machine and dryer, it’s a perfect idea even for everyday washing!

I know I’ve spent my share of time either bent over the bathtub, kitchen sink or “walking clothes” in the tub which can actually be very dangerous. I’ve fallen more than once walking clothes because of the slippery laundry detergent.

Also, have you ever tried getting the soap out by hand? I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it is quite difficult and time-consuming!

I plan on talking to Paul about making this set-up for us as our everyday washer for when CB and Crew are doing their own laundry and the washer isn’t available.

Blessings on your journey,
Dawn ~ TTH