After giving myself several more days to think things over, I’ve deleted pretty much all social media except for Facebook pages manager and messenger from my phone (which is my only computer access at the moment if you’re wondering).

I have not deleted the accounts themselves in case I feel differently in the future because of the business I’ll be Co-launching in the spring.

Part of that business venture will involve an Etsy store but I’ve decided if I’m going to spend time on social media, it should be for the business, not as a general time-suck for “something to do” when in truth, I have plenty to do and will have even more to do going into the future.

The truth is, I’ve been fighting with my depression lately, so that makes it hard to just get dressed some days. Living in a hotel is taking it’s toll on me and my stress levels.

The holidays are also coming, which can be hard for the best of us anyway and for me, it’s not been an easy time of year in a very long time. That’s adding to my mental/emotional state.

I think the best thing for me for now is to focus on my blogging, my business, my family, my crafts and my hopes for the future.

Twitter has changed since my days of running the “mom blog” circuit. Back then, it really was a tool for connecting our day to day with others. It was an extension of our blogs…and people talked to each other. Now, it’s link after link of read this, like that, pin this, buy that. If you reply, you rarely hear anything back other than “go check out my blog”.

I accept that things change. That’s fine.

Facebook. I have a serious love/hate relationship with Facebook Pages. I can see that a lot of the interaction had moved to there and I love that, in a way, but the level of immaturity on there kills me. It seems like very few people really take social media seriously anymore.

It sucks, because there was a time when you could really use social media tools to engage more with your blog followers. Seems like it’s a lost art now.

Anyway, I just thought I’d take a moment to update everyone. The social media links will stay up, and my blog will auto-post to twitter and Google + still but I doubt you’ll see anything else there for a while.