Here comes February

It’s blowing my mind that it’s already February. Anyone else feel like time has picked up it’s pace for 2015? I know I do.

I was in the local Dollar Tree (I have to admit, it’s one of my guilty pleasures) yesterday and noticed that in addition to their Valentine’s Day offerings, Spring is, well, springing, in the stores here.

I picked up a bag of potting soil and was so tempted by all the seed packets they had. I really want to grow a few edibles this year, but as tempted as I am by all the veggies, what I really want to grow is herbs.

For those who don’t know, herbs have been a passion of mine for a long time. I love to cook and the idea of snipping off my own live plants appeals to me.

Of course, I blame this obsession on my sister-of-the-heart, TimberLeaves, and her mom.

Growing up, TL’s mom was probably the closest thing I had to a positive female influence and I always thought she was beautiful and cool and interesting. She played the guitar, there was always a glass jar of sun-tea brewing on the back steps, she had an herb garden and there were always delicious smells coming from her kitchen. She was a powerful influence to an unloved child, although I’m not sure if she actually realized that. (Now I think I should write her and tell her).

I remember visiting her, probably 10 years ago now, and we got to talking about her herb garden. She has a chocolate mint plant that tastes like a peppermint pattie. She would walk around and pinch a leaf here and there letting me smell and taste the fruits of her labor. It was a magical experience, especially hearing not only what foods they were good in, but some of their medicinal properties as well. It fanned the flames for me and I vowed to one day have my own herb garden and use what I grew for cooking and making medicine.

I’ve studied herbology off and on over the years and even though most of my studies were of a more religious nature, I did pick up a lot of information on medicinal uses as well.

This is the year I actually want to start growing herbs. I’m sure I’ll end up with some peppers, green onions, a tomato plant or two, etc, but herbs is where I’d really like to focus since fresh herbs at a reasonable price are hard to come by around here.

Are you itching for green and growing things yet? I know I am!


Radio Silence and Super Bowl Dip

So, I caught the flu bug from Kid #3, who obviously caught it at school. I was down with it most of last week.

Unlike before, I didn’t have a back-stock of posts sitting around, so you could hear the crickets chirp around here last week.

Friday, I spent my day running Mini-Me all over town and towards the end of the day, the starter went out on my car. Paul spent all morning, and up until time for him to be at work, fixing it.

Now, in the past, I’ve considered giving up the car. Friday when I was stressing where I was going to come up with the money to replace a starter, I considered it again.

After being without a car just 24 hours, I came to the sudden conclusion that going without a car just isn’t an option. I hated not having the ability to just jump in my car and go do whatever I needed to.

Last week, we also added a new family member. His name is Duke and he is a Chiweenie. He’s three months old.


Duke and Duchess

Anyone who cannot see the similarities between being a parent and being a fur-parent have obviously not been exposed to a child and puppy at the same time.

Duke requires a lot of time from me right now. There’s so much to teach him. Where to potty (meaning stop pottying on my bed, even if I do snicker a little at the fact that it’s always Paul’s side), not to chew on things that aren’t his (sorry about your phone charger, honey).

He’s also very energetic right now (meaning he acts like someone is slipping him drugs when I’m not looking) and quite a handful to keep up with.

He’s cute as a button though and absolutely has that pitiful-puppy face down pat.

Because of sickness, new puppies and broke cars, the Super Bowl will probably not be what I’d hoped this year. I’d wanted a night of bar-type foods, which included my Super Bowl Dip which I’ll share with you below. As for the rest… Well, it looks like it might just be a quiet night at home.

This recipe is for a small gathering. You can double or triple the recipe for larger crowds.

Super Bowl Dip

1 lb ground hamburger or turkey
1 pkg. taco seasoning mix
1 jar salsa, heat level is by preference
1 block Velveeta soft cheese

1. Brown hamburger or turkey and follow directions on taco seasoning packet.
2. Cube cheese to make melting easier.
3. Add taco meat and all other ingredients to crock pot set on kite. Heat until cheese is melted and serve with tortilla chips.

I got the original recipe, which was a little different, from Paul’s aunt about 18 years ago and it’s become a favorite, especially for the Super Bowl!

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy the game!