Communal Living ~ Us and Them

Although CB and her family live in a double-wide, not a camper or tiny house, the way we live together here tends to take on a very communal aspect.

While I don’t recommend trying to live like we do with just anyone, with the right family/families, I do believe it can work.

Last year CB’s husband planted a vegetable garden. I intended to get out there and do some work in it myself, but I had a lot going on. He was out of work due to some health issues and seemed to enjoy it, so I let him have at it.

This year, however, I think the garden will be left more to me since he’s now back to work.

Either way, I intend to plant an herb garden to help out and do my part like I wanted to last year.

The garden isn’t the only place our families come together to help. CB’s husband has a truck and he’s usually willing to help out if you need something hauled.

Paul is a fixer and can often be found fixing not just our stuff, but theirs as well.

I baked bread for both families the other day and will do so again today. I also help them get Kid #3 back and forth to school since she can’t be dropped off this year until 30 mins after CB has to be at work.

If one house runs short on something the other has, we loan and trade back and forth. That’s how the baking bread happened. I was short on flour, CB loaned me some, so I made her a loaf of bread, too.

Basically, whatever resources we have between our houses is gladly shared back and forth.

In this way, our lifestyle here seems very communal. Of course, there are more hard-core definitions of communal living, but this light version seems to work for all of us and it helps lighten the load and stress on us all knowing that we have others who are there for us when we need it.

Because of the system we have in place here, we continue to feel very blessed every day to have another family that cares so deeply for us. CB and her family are a blessing we’ll always be thankful for, and we strive to be a blessing to them in return.

This brand of communal living isn’t for everyone, but for our families, it works beautifully!


3 thoughts on “Communal Living ~ Us and Them

  1. I love this!

    A few of my best friends and I live within a half-mile radius or so. We eat dinner together a few times a week, rotating hosting duties, and we freely share our tools, food, resources, time, etc., to the extent that I’ve started thinking more in terms of what our community has than what I own. If I have a weed-whacker or one of them has a board game I enjoy, it’s not really relevant which one of us technically owns it or which house it’s at. We all have it.

    And it really works out beautifully. We are building a community per se and may formalize some things more thoroughly over the years, but this kind of light-touch, real-world sharing of life makes a much better foundation than a charter document or a rule of life would.

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    • I completely agree. There’s a comfort to how we live in knowing you’re never really on your own. Everything belongs to everyone in a sense, including what each person has to offer in terms of their own resources, like babysitting or picking a sick child up from school while parents are working so they don’t have to miss time from work.

      Sounds like you guys have a pretty good thing going there, too. Good luck!


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