The Tiny Hearth

The last few weeks have seen many changes around here. There was a major falling out between us and my “sister”, as I’ve called her until now on this blog, and we ended up back in Pickens in our camper.

We celebrated Christmas with the kids and my best friend and her family and in spite of the stress of the recent weeks, we actually had a wonderful day.

Getting our feet under us right before Christmas has been a challenge. We didn’t really plan this out, so there was no job for Paul to come back to here. We’ve stretched and pinched to make it work so far and the struggle isn’t over yet, although I think I may finally be seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.

He does have a line on a job in another week or so. It’s basically an entry position in the meat department of a local grocery store. We’re kind of excited about it because we feel like it will give him some knowledge on butchering our meat at home when we hunt as well as bringing in a paycheck.

Life here at the camper is very different than anywhere else. There have been some challenges to overcome, like busted plumping that wasn’t busted when we left, lack of sufficient heat last winter and lack of running hot water even if the plumping wasn’t busted.

Paul’s last check from his previous job was put to good use in filling the propane tanks (most of my camper is run on propane), buying a camp shower (there will be a post on that all to itself) and a new propane heater. All of which have made a big difference in our quality of life compared to six months ago.

Our vision of the business has changed along with our location. What we originally thought would be primarily candles, bath products and incense has changed to something that should have been a no-brainer from the start. It’s where our passion truly lies and is one of the cornerstones of our relationship and family.


It’s no secret that I enjoy cooking. I always have and I even spent a very large chunk of my working career in the food industry. I’ve cooked, made biscuits, slung pizzas and even done dishes. Paul was a career line cook for a long time himself.

We’ve spent some long nights fantasizing about opening a food truck or restaurant and it’s beyond me why we never thought of this before.

In our absence, our daughter actually planted the seeds of the idea and was doing quite well last summer and fall selling baked sweets at the local jockey lot. I intend to take that a step farther and offer not only her sweets but some savory things as well. If I can package it and sell it, it just might end up on my table. Everybody has to start somewhere, right?

Well, I’ve got potatoes frying and gravy to make and Paul has my pantry sounding like a war zone putting in some shelves made from recycled cabinet doors, so I better go see to all that! More to come!